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NaturallyNeat, LLC is a premier eco-friendly cleaning company that prioritizes health and wellness, quality cleaning solutions, and pristine  cleaning services.


Founded by Rafyah Lumb in the City of Brotherly Love, NaturallyNeat has provided cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in Philadelphia, its surrounding counties, and the South Jersey area for more than 12 years. Rafyah recognized the need for environmental-based cleansers after realizing that people severely compromised their health by inhaling the poisonous toxins from the products used by traditional cleaning businesses. NaturallyNeat was created to advocate for the total well-being of a person. 

Your body is your temple, and NaturallyNeat purposefully detoxifies your space by not using commercialized cleansers. Even the CDC strongly warns against using bleach, as the effects of it can cause acute health challenges. Fluid in the lungs, shortness of breath, vision impairing, and nausea are only a few of the life-threatening reactions from household bleach. What good is a clean house if you can’t walk through it without wheezing or wearing personal protective equipment?


Rafyah is intentional in creating an atmosphere that fosters organic aromas that purify the air via plant-based cleaning products. NaturallyNeat’s primary goal is to educate people on how to maintain health-consciousness for their home’s hygiene and the welfare of the community. From aromatherapy signature sprays to carpet freshener, each product is homemade and is crafted from revitalizing essential oils like lemongrass, lavender, and sweet orange-thyme. These herbal cleansers are safe to breathe in and prevents one from coughing or fainting while tidying! NaturallyNeat’s staff uses these custom products to thoroughly clean crevices, as well as meticulously scrub tiles, walls, and other surfaces with care and detail.


NaturallyNeat is the choice-cleaning concierge for a roster of notable companies, such as StateFarm, Victoria’s Kitchen, D&P Financial Services, Germantown Life Enrichment Center, and a host of other businesses. Rafyah’s vision is to spread more joy in the world through sensational scents and holistic cleaning!

Rafyah Lumb NaturallyNeat founder on a newspaper article
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Rafyah Lumb on the cover of HUAMI Magazine
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