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Neat Walk Thru

At NATURALLYNEAT, we are committed to meeting our clients' high standards for a clean and tidy home. We believe in the saying, "four eyes are better than two". 

Our cleaning technicians conduct a walkthrough with the client before beginning the job to ensure all expectations are clear. After services are completed, we conduct a final walkthrough with the client to guarantee satisfaction before leaving the site. Our ultimate goal is to leave our clients with a clean, fresh home that exceeds their expectations.

Photographs demonstrating the before-and-after of the cleaning process are requested. The cleaner will go over any places that haven't been cleaned to your standards and that you would like to have done so. If you choose not to need or want to have a walk-through with your assigned professional, if you get home after the scheduled cleaning time, or if you tell TeamNeat staff that you will come home after the cleaning time, they cannot be held responsible for claims of uncleaned areas.

*Cluttered surfaces will not be serviced.

To ensure that our cleaning technicians can work efficiently and make the most out of your booking time, it is best to clear any items on top of counters, tables, and surfaces that require cleaning prior to their arrival. This simple step will help expedite the cleaning process and leave your space looking spotless.

Clients will choose from the following services for the best usage of cleaning time reserved:

Neat Kitchen: (dishwashing service is upon request.)
Countertops/backsplash/stovetop cleaned (items removed and replaced)
Sinks scrubbed (including behind sink) and polished. Outside of the oven ( inside oven cleaning extra cost) Dishwasher, outside surface of the fridge, microwave inside and out, complete dusting of wall art, shelves, fixtures, windowsills. floors vacuumed/ swept , mopped and Trash removal

Neat Bathrooms: 
Tubs/sinks/chrome/countertops/mirrors/shower and glass cleaned.
Toilet cleaned (inside and out). Any shelves, pictures, fans, fixtures, dusted.
Floor vacuumed/ swept and mopped


**Please note that we do not provide tile grout cleaning and bathroom mold removal services due to time and health concerns. Instead, we recommend hiring a specialized Tile & Grout Cleaning Service for grout cleaning and a mold removal specialist for bathroom mold removal.

Neat Bedrooms: (bed-making services are upon request.)

Furniture dusted top/sides/front ( to be effective must be 50% uncluttered) dust blinds , ceiling fans, vents, windowsills , lampshades, mirrors cleaned and vacuum

Neat Living Room and Other Indoor Rooms:

Include dusting of all furniture, fans, vents and lampshades.
Clean glass tables and mirrors, clean floors /vacuum.

Neat Hallway Stairs: 
​Vacuum and or mopped, stairs dusted and artwork etc....


Front Doors (inside/outside)Closets Organizing/ Inside Ovens & Refrigerator cleaning.

Minimum 2hr appointment when scheduling
​Rates to be determined for the following. 

Pre-Soaking Policy

To ensure the most effective cleaning process for our clients, we require a pre-soaking policy to be in place. Below are the guidelines for our pre-soaking policy:


Clients must identify any areas or items that require pre-soaking during the booking process. This includes the external surface of the oven/stove, the refrigerator, the internal of the microwave if not fully cleaned previously, tough grease on any appliance, etc.

Clients must allow at least 1 hour before the scheduled cleaning appointment for the pre-soaking process to take place.


Important: If the client fails to identify areas that require pre-soaking or is unavailable during the pre-soaking time frame, we cannot guarantee the maximum cleaning results.

Pet Policy

If you have dogs or cats, kindly inform us before your appointment since some of our cleaners could be allergic to pet hair. Pets should be put up for both your pets and the cleaner’s safety. 


We will make every effort to tidy up the area if it is cluttered. Please keep in mind that we are not a team that restores floors, grout, rust, mold, or mildew. We don't perform tasks involving rodents, roaches, pet urine or feces, dangers, criminal scenes, or biohazards.

We are not responsible for tasks such as washing dishes, making beds, or picking up clothes off the floor, unless specifically requested. Our primary goal is to provide cleaning services, not maid services. Please ensure that your counters are clear, as our team operates on a tight schedule. If we have to remove and wipe items, it takes away from the time we have to clean the rest of your home. We kindly request that you pull out any furniture that needs cleaning, as our team also needs to be efficient with their time.

Please note that the scheduled arrival time for your cleaning technician is provided with a one-hour window to accommodate travel time. This window allows for unforeseen circumstances such as traffic delays or weather conditions that may impact the technician's journey. We strive to ensure timely service and appreciate your understanding and flexibility. 

 **For the safety of our clients, we do not transport vacuum cleaners and brooms from one location to another. Clients must provide their personal vacuum cleaners and brooms.

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