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About Us

Our Motto Is
"A Clean House Is A Healthy House."

Rafyah Lumb-NaturallyNeat Founder

Our Story

Rafyah Lumb, the visionary founder of NaturallyNeat Cleaning Services, LLC, has made a significant impact in the field of eco-friendly cleaning. Let’s delve into the
remarkable journey of NaturallyNeat and Rafyah’s commitment to health-consciousness and pristine cleaning.

About NaturallyNeat Cleaning Services, LLC


  • Mission: NaturallyNeat prioritizes health and wellness, quality cleaning solutions, and pristine cleaning services.

  • Founding: Rafyah Lumb established NaturallyNeat in the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) in 2008.

  • Service Areas: The company provides cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in Philadelphia, its surrounding counties, and the South Jersey area.

  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Rafyah recognized the need for environmentally safe cleansers after witnessing the adverse effects of traditional cleaning products on people’s health. She decided to advocate for total well-being by avoiding commercialized cleansers.

  • Health Risks: Even the CDC warns against using bleach due to its potential health hazards, including fluid in the lungs, shortness of breath, vision impairment, and nausea.

  • NaturallyNeat’s Solution: The company intentionally creates an atmospherewith organic aromas that purify the air using plant-based cleaning products.

  • Educational Focus: NaturallyNeat aims to educate people on maintaining health-consciousness for their home’s hygiene and the welfare of the community.


Rafyah’s Journey

  • Background: Rafyah’s diverse background includes training as a chef and years of experience as a Direct Support Professional in healthcare provider organizations.

  • Holistic Approach: She has parlayed her culinary skills into providing private chef services that not only offer delicious food but also ensure a clean environment afterward.

  • Education: Rafyah studied at the Restaurant School of Walnut Hill College.

  • Philadelphia Native: She hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she currently resides.


Rafyah’s vision has transformed NaturallyNeat into a trusted name, serving countless satisfied customers. Her commitment to health, wellness, and eco-friendly practices continues to drive the company’s success.

Neat  Recognitions

AACC Badge.png

in Philadelphia 2024

Expertise badge for Best House Cleaning Services in Philadelphia 2022
Expertise badge for Best Office Cleaning Services in Philadelphia 2022

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